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How to find online games?

Many people are looking for online games. Therefore, we would like to briefly explain here how you can quickly find online games to your liking with the games search engine.

select filter

To make sure that you only see online games, you simply have to select Online under "Mode". After that you will only see online games. You can use several filters for this. If you have entered more than one filter in Platform, it is possible that you will be shown games that are not playable online. In this case we should focus on one platform. Now start your search and find online games.

Filter criterion online

Figure 1: Box with filter criterion Online

sample filter

Figure 2: Selection of the example filters


As an example, we are now looking for a game for PlayStation that is playable online and free. For this we choose PlayStation in the category Platform, as mode we choose online and for in game purchases we choose freetoplay. Now we get a selection based on our specifications. If you want to find out other ways to find free games, you can find more variants here free games. We also have two more About pages. Here you can go to the About price comparison page and here to the About price alarm clock page.