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How to find free games?

We have noticed that a lot of people are looking for free games. Therefore we will explain here briefly how you can set the games search engine, so you can find free games. So you can find a cool game based on your needs.

Free games about the price Range Filter

In figure 1 you see the price filter. This appears when you click once on Refine search. If you want only free games to be displayed in the shopping cart. Then simply set both sliders of the filter to 0€. See picture 2. All games that are displayed now are free in the shopping cart. Many providers bid on games, that have come out in the last few years in game purchases. Start now the search and find free games.

Box with filter criteria

Figure 1: Price filter

Price Range Slider to 0€

Figure 2: Price Range Slider to 0€

Free games via freetoplay filter

Another possibility that only free games are shown you can find here. There is the filter Freetoplay. If you click on it, again only games that are free of charge will appear in the shopping. Try this option now and find free games.

Set filter for free

Figure 3: Price Range Slider to 0€

In Game Purchases

In the category In Game Purchases, you will find even more criteria. Often games are offered with a subscription, Payforstyle or Paytowin items. Here you can decide whether games with or without these features should be displayed. If you do not select anything, both options will be displayed. But be careful, this setting has nothing to do with the initial price of the game. If you want to find a free game, use the Freetoplay Filter or the Price Range Silder.


Here is a short example to illustrate this. We want to find a free game, this should not have a subscription and in game purchases may be available. Therefore we set the Range Slider of the prices to 0€ and select No Subscription. To help you find your cool game, you can add more filter criteria like genre or virtual reality. If you want to compare prices, you can find here read more about it.