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How can I find free games?

We recognized, that a lot of people are searching for free games. So we explain here, how you can find free game with the Game Search Engine EnryafGames and how you can choose which kind of in game purchases you prefer.

Free games with the price range slider

In picture 1 you can see the price filters. It appears if you click one time at "refine your search". If you only want to see games, which are free to play, just position the controller to 0€ as you can see in pucture 2. Now in your results are only free games. They are free to buy or to download, but some have options to buy something in game. If they have in game purchases or which kind of it, you can read at the desciptions of the game. How to make in game purchases filters, we explain later at this page. Start now and find free games.

price filter

Picture 1: price filter

price range slider to 0€

Picture 2: price range slider to 0€

free game with free to play filter

Before we explan the in game purchases filters in general, we want to tell you a second option, how to get free games. In the category in game purchases is a filter called free to play. If you select this one, only free games appear in the results. Try it out now and find free to play games.

free to play filter

Picture 3: free to play filter

In game purchases

In the category in game purchases, you can find some more filters next to free to play games. A lot of games are with a subscription, pay for style or pay to win equipment. Here you can decied if you want games with or without that properties. If you choose nothing, the results are with both properties. For example pay to win and no pay to win. If you choose pay to win, only games with pay tow in options are shown. If you chooce no pay to win, it is the other way round. With pay for style and subscription it is the same. But this properties have nothing to do with the price of the game. If you want a free game, you have to do that with the price range slider or the freetoplay option.


At least one short example. We want to find a free game, this should have no subscription and about the rest we do not care. We position the price range slider to 0€ an choose no subscription. After that the games we wish are shown.
To find a cool game, you can chooce something like genre or virtual reality as well.
You can compare prices to with EnryafGames, too. More about that in our about price comparison.