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How to find cool games?

If you need help, to find cool games with EnryafGames, than you are right here. We will explain you, how you find the best games for yourself with the Game Search Engine EnryafGames. It does not matter, if you want to play a online, free or new game. With the big amount of filters, you can narrow down the result really easy and fast.

Narrow down the search

To limit the results of cool games, we have a lot of filters. With a click on the filter you can activate them and with a second click you can deactivate them. After that the Game Search Engine makes the rest. You can choose as many you want. You will find a number in the brackets behind. This number shows you the quantity of results for each filter with your choice. You can see the filters in picture 1. Start your search now to find cool games.

Box with filters of the Game Search Engine

Picture 1: box with filters

Search through results

After you made your choice, the results will be shown to you. You can see an example in picture 2. You can go there by scrowlling down oder by clicking on "Start search". There you can see your results with clearly details. If you have found a cool game, you can hover with the mouse over the picture on Computer or you can touch the picutre on mobile device. After that a trailer starts. By default you see a trailer, which jumps always forwards after some seconds. So you can have a fast impression of the game. If you want to see the whole trailer, you can change the preview mode by clicking one of the buttons from picture 3. You can find them on the left under the filters. There you can change the display mode too.

Results with cool games

Picture 2: results with cool games

Change display and preview mode

Picture 3: change display and preview mode

A lot of infomrations to the game

If you think, that could be a cool game or you maybe like to play it, you can click at the name of the game und you can read more about it. You see the overview page from your cool game and you can read more about it. Cause the Game Search Engine works like a wiki, you can edit informations and descriptions. You only have to register for that.

Oveview page

Picture 3: Oveview page


For a better understanding we prepared two examples for you. One about finding free games and the other is about finding online games. Furthermore is it possible to get informations about prices and compare prices with EnryafGames before buying a game. More about that you can find in our about price comparison and in our about price alarm.