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How to find cool games?

If you need help finding cool games on EnryafGames, you've come to the right place. We explain how to use the game search engine EnryafGames to find a suitable game. Whether online, free or a new release - you can narrow down the search result very easily and well using the filter criteria.


restrict search

To limit the output according to your wishes and thus find cool games, you can find various filters on our homepage. You can select these filters with one click and deselect them with another click. In the brackets you will find the number of results. The area with the filter criteria is shown in figure 1. Now start the search and find cool games.

Game search engine filter criteria

Figure 1: Box with filter criteria

Check through results

After you have made your selection the results are displayed as shown in figure 2. If you have found a cool game, you can go with the mouse over the result on the PC or click on the picture with your finger on the smartphone or tablet, then a trailer for the game will start. By default a short trailer, which shows short excerpts from the game. If you prefer to see the whole trailer, you can change this in the lower left area. The fields are in Figure 3 shown. Here you can also change the display mode from tile to list view.

Result with cool games

Figure 2: Result with cool games

Result with cool games

Figure 3: Change preview and display

Exact information about the game

If you think afterwards that the game could be cool and you like it. Click on the name to learn more about the game. You will be taken to the overview page where you can find more information about your cool game. If you discover games that are not complete, you are welcome to add the missing information. You just have to register here.

overview page

Figure 3: Overview page


We have prepared two examples for you to understand how to use the search. On the one hand find free games and on the other hand find online games. Furthermore it is also possible to compare prices on EnryafGames before buying a game You can find more information on About price comparison and on our About price alarm clock.