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EnryafGames - Find your game!

EnryafGames is a search engine for video games, also called Game Search Engine, which was released on 10.03.2019. The idea was born from a problem. Which game do I play next or which game is suitable for me and my friends? The idea was to create a possibility to quickly find cool games for yourself by yourself or for Lan Parties. For this purpose a kind of wiki for video games should be created. With many filters and a clearly arranged output of the results, should be able to find the next cool game as quickly as possible.


EnryafGames is a compound word from Enryaf and from games. Enryaf is a fantasy word, which is derived from the word nrhiav of the language Hmong was derived. Hmong is an ancient almost extinct language in Asia and nhriav means seek and also find. This fits of course perfect, because you come to the platform to look for a cool game and find it in the end.
We don't know how to pronounce nrhiav, so we tried to pronounce it ourselves in German and English. In the end we came to the conclusion to pronounce the n as en, to leave the r and i loud. The h was dropped. The a remained and the v became an f. To make it look nicer and to reduce the danger of pronouncing the word German we decided to decided to make the i a y. And ready was the word Enryaf. We combined it with games, because it is a gaming site and you should search and find games here. The name EnryafGames was ready.

Philosophy & Concept

The two founders of the platform André Zahn and Alexander Groß-Ophoff follow simple principles. The platform should be free for all users. No developer, studio or publisher should be preferred or disadvantaged. Therefore it is also free to register your own games. Also it should not be an advertising platform, so only discreet sponsor places are allocated and no annoying pop-ups or click ads are displayed in the background. To ensure that the number of games also increases quickly, the principle of a Wiki. This means that every user can enter games or edit already entered games.


The people behind the page

The two founders have been passionate gamers themselves for years. They had the idea of the search engine for video games during their studies. In order to be able to operate EnryafGames, the two founded Quapler GmbH & Co. KG. This company serves two sectors. On the one hand the platform EnryafGames and on the other hand the company programming services. Here, digitization topics for different companies are worked out.