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EnryafGames (pronunciation:  ) is a Game Search Engine, which was released at May 10th 2019. The founders got the idea, cause of the problem, which game they should play next at home or at the lan party with friends. There are so money really cool games, but the most people only know the most famous ones. We wanted to create a possibility to find easily a lot more cool games, which are not that known. For that we created a kind of wiki for videogames with a lot of filters and detailed results, so you can find new cool games very fast and easily.


EnryafGames is a fantasy word made of two words. One is Enryaf and the other one is Games. The word enryaf comes from the word nrhiav. This comes from the old asian language Hmong. It can be translated with find and with search. So it is the perfect word for EnryafGames, cause you come here to search for a game and hopefully you find one cool game.
Sadly we do not know how to pronounce nrhiav. Beacuse of that we tried to pronounce it in german and english. After a lot of tries and changing some letters we get enryaf, which we pronounce as an english word. Than we combined it with games, cause it is a gaming site for searching and finding cool games. If you want to know how to pronounce EnryafGames, we habe a audio for this here.

Pronunciation of EnryafGames:

Philosophy & Concept

The both founders of the plattform André Zahn and Alexander Groß-Ophoff have easy principles. The plattform should be free for the users. No developer, studio or publisher should be preferred or disadvantaged. Because of that it is free for them, to insert their games. EnryafGames should not become a big commercial website, so there are only a few places for sponsoring and no annoying popups or big advertising space. To raise the amount of games really fast, EnryafGames works as a wiki as well. That means user can insert games and change the informations and description of each one.

The guys behind EnryafGames

The founders of the Game Search Engine are passionate gamers for over ten years. They had the idea of the Game Search Engine, while they go to university. To make it real they founded the Quapler GmbH & Co. KG. This company has two divisons. On the one hand the platform EnryafGames and on the other hand they have programming services. They produce software for other companys to digitize their processes.


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